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20+ Best School Sayings Images In 2020

That means that this is the first day of the last day of your life. This is the last day of the first day of school. The year can be long, and sometimes you just need a good laugh.

So keep my advice in mind and read these others’ thoughts and funny quotes about college life to get you through the next semester in one piece. The time of the year has come once again for college students to go back to their dorms and/or apartments and begin yet another year.

Funny Collegiate Quotations

Then of course, there are those of you that are just starting your higher education, in which case I’m sure you have a bunch of different feelings going on inside you. College quotes provide food for thought to students, teachers and life long learners. The importance of education shines through in this fun series of insights from the likes of Mandela, Gandhi and Van Gogh. Some famous quotes have been made about college life. Most of these quotes still ring true for today’s college students.

Don’t let insincere college friends come to your life and will use you for their advantage. It is better to know them first before it is too late.

Instagram Captions For College Students

That’s grossly unfair to a legal high school student who moves out of California for a year, then returns to attend college. Next time you need a laugh, a little motivation, or a reminder of why you’re working your butt off, check out these 30 college life quotes. Memories are what you build in your college life and it’s not ever perfect without the people you call friends. From finals to graduations, from group photos to selfies, here are some of the best Instagram captions for college students.

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